Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Services

IP Services
Are you sure you’re asking the right questions about your Intellectual Property?

Mongeon Consulting is a specialist IP consultancy delivering practical IP advice to companies and research institutions to enable them to make the most of their IP assets. We have the training and experience to answer questions on both the legal protection of intellectual assets and questions relating to business strategy.

We look forward to helping you ask - and receive answers to - the right questions.

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Our services include:

• Assisting Companies It doesn't matter how big or small your business is, strategically managing your IP can add value to your bottom line. We will help identify your IP assets and work with you to establish a strategy for exploiting them to your best advantage.

• Assisting Research Institutions Managers and directors of research institutions need to understand how intellectual property management can affect future value and prospects. We will work with your technology transfer office to ensure your institution is ready to identify and benefit from strong industry relationships new discoveries.

• Training Knowledgeable and well trained staff are motivated and more efficient. Whether you are in business or a research institution, we can tailor IP training to your needs.

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